Let's reimagine workplace happiness...

When we work with a company, we focus on the variable that most affects the enjoyability and productivity of a workplace: How supported an employee feels...


More employees feel stressed on a daily basis than ever before...

1 in 3 Americans are very or extremely stressed at work.

Over half of Americans are stressed during at least 60% of the workweek (3 out of every 5 days).


Employee stress is costing your company money...

The financial consequences of workplace stress and associated health issues are staggering, costing employers $500 billion in lost productivity every year.

This amounts to $4,000 per employee per year or $400,000 per 100 employees per year. These costs stem from absenteeism, lower productivity, staff turnover, workers’ compensation and medical insurance.

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But stress is extremely difficult for employers to combat...

Apart from workplace stress, the biggest stressors happen at home and outside of work and are therefore outside of employers’ control.

Emotional support is the scientific solution to stress, and Happy provides that support directly to your employees, safely, effectively, and affordably. 

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What is emotional support?

Emotional support is another person’s undivided attention, compassion and encouragement. 

It gives people the physiological evidence that they matter and that they are valuable.




It is difficult to provide this kind of support in the workplace...

Over half of employees need more support to cope with stress.

Yet only 3% of employees, on average, utilize EAP’s.


Our team of mental health professionals has vetted over 2500 Support Givers who...

Score in the 90th percentile in 6 different metrics of their ability to effectively support another person.

Score perfectly on assessments of how to effectively reduce isolation, anxiety and stress.

Have completed background checks and numerous internal certifications

Happy’s vetting process has been approved by: Mental Health America, the American Heart Association, the American Sexual Health Association, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, and major hospitals/health systems.

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Happy is on demand...

Employees can call whenever they want and talk for however long they want.


Happy is safe...

Calls are completely anonymous, all support givers are vetted, quality is measured and all our data is protected by the highest standard of encryption. 



Happy is effective...

93% of our callers feel happier after a call — on average reporting a 45% improvement in their mood. Similarly, 86% feel less anxious — on average reporting a 49% reduction in their anxiety.

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Happy is affordable...

Rates start at $12 per 30 minutes. Discounts available at employer level

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Happy is smart...

Happy’s data-driven platform allows us to understand the factors underlying call success, dynamically improve outcomes at an individual level, and provide companies with information to help optimize their other HR offerings to meet employee needs.