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Imagine a future

where we overwhelmingly feel comforted, encouraged and supported.

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where it’s as easy

to find someone to lift our spirits as it is to order a ride to the airport.

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where posts, likes, dm’s, tweets and comments 

are replaced with genuine human connection 

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Imagine if our society could evolve 

and become defined by a culture of support 

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that future feels so far away...

64 million Americans suffer from chronic isolation.

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40 million Americans 

suffer from 

chronic anxiety;

81 million Americans suffer 

from extreme stress.

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20 million Americans suffer from

substance use disorders

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america needs support

our lonely teens, stressed college students, overwhelmed parents, neglected veterans, isolated grandparents need support

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Our sick, tired, anxious, stressed, worried, lonely...

disillusioned, angry, misunderstood, oppressed, left behind, left out, forgotten, insulted, looked down on, ashamed, guilty, jeered at, and judged need support

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where could we possibly find enough support 

to comfort and encourage half the country

where could we possibly find tens of thousands of extraordinary people whose greatest joys in life are shouldering the burdens and lifting the spirits of others?

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A community of extraordinary people

who could deploy their attention, compassion and encouragement to heal the wounds and rekindle the hopes of our families, schools, neighborhoods and communities?


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Happy Movement.030.jpeg

a compassionate community

harnessing genuine connection to build the future of support.

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We started as an app.

We thought it would amazing if, in the moments when life brought you down, or you simply wanted to connect with a caring person, or hear a few words of encouragement, you could connect, at the push of a button, with one of the most compassionate people in the country.


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that app turned into a community 

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An incredible community of...

artists, musicians, teachers, veterans, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, from every corner of the country and beyond, city and country, young and old, each fueled by the love of supporting others.

They are one of the most amazing communities of people every assembled.


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and then they started a movement

a movement dedicated to giving people the tools to support the people around them.

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Imagine how easy it’s become to order a pizza...

a movie, find directions, or share your photos with the world. Happy is making it that easy to find support, or share your support with the world.

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And we need your support

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The building blocks of a truly supportive society are not media outlets, talking heads, politicians or major technology companies.

They are all of us — the people. Join our movement and begin building today