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a modern solution for a basic human need: 

Emotional support is a basic human need, but over 50 million Americans aren’t getting enough of it. Throughout our lives, we all experience moments when we would benefit from additional support. Some of those moments are life changing— becoming a parent, moving to a new city, or losing a loved one. Others are part of everyday life—feeling discouraged at work, frustrated with a spouse, or simply feeling self-critical.

Happy was created to ensure that no matter what, people have instant access to the empathy and encouragement they deserve – we provide the emotional nourishment human beings need to thrive.

Science tells us that genuine human connection is one of the most essential sources of well being and a necessary condition for our overall health. Our goal is to change the national dialogue around wellness, helping people realize that reaching out for support is just as important as reaching inwards for solace.


building a community dedicated to compassion:

Over 2400 people have interviewed and been hired into our community of Happy Givers! They come from all across the country, and from all walks of life, yet are united in their belief that what the world needs now is more empathy and compassion.


our broader mission: 

Giving and receiving emotional support is the next frontier in wellness, and prioritizing it is the start of a vital cultural shift that America needs. Growing outwards from our incredibly engaged community of Happy Givers, we are using our website, social media, and live events to build a social movement around the transformative power of genuine human connection. Happy is also excited to be partnering with Moving Forward Education to help ensure that our younger generations are taught the skills that will make them successful communicators as friends, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, humans. 

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