We started as an app and became a movement.


Imagine a future where we all feel comforted, encouraged and supported. Where it’s as easy to find genuine support, acceptance and connection, as it is to order a ride to the airport or food to your door. Imagine a society defined a culture of genuine human connection....

Thats why we created Happy — We thought it would be amazing if, in the moments when life brings you down, or you wanted to connect with a caring person, or hear a few words of encouragement, you could push a button and connect with one an exceptionally compassionate chosen just for you. 

Happy turned into a community…

An incredible community of artists, musicians, teachers, veterans, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, from every corner of the country and beyond, each fueled by the love of supporting others. Together, our Happy Givers are one of the most compassionate communities of people ever assembled.


And our community started a movement.

Our movement is dedicated to giving people the tools to effectively support the people around them. The building blocks of a truly supportive society are not media outlets, talking heads, politicians or major tech companies. They are all of us — the people. Join our movement and begin building today.