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How happy works

Connect with someone wonderful.

We all experience moments when we could use some support. Some moments are life changing— becoming a parent, moving to a new city, or losing a loved one. Others are part of everyday life—feeling discouraged at work, frustrated with a spouse, or simply feeling self-critical. Our community of over 2,000 trained listeners is here for you in all of those moments.

Select the topic(s) you are calling in about to be matched with a Provider who has been highly rated, and trained to give you the empathy and encouragement you deserve. Happy gives you a space to speak openly, anonymously and for as long as you’d like.

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Build a safe and personalized community.

After each call, anonymously rate and submit feedback on your call, which helps our team connect with you Providers who are right for you and maintain high quality calls.

You can even favorite callers you enjoyed speaking with to be connected with them when you are both online.

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Feel heard, live happy.

93% of Callers feel happier after calling in, and report an average 45% improvement in their mood. 86% of Callers felt less anxious —
on average reporting a 49% reduction in anxiety.

When you talk it out with someone who is there to support you, you are more resilient in the face of stress, and are more likely to have increased physical and mental health and life satisfaction. See the science.

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Want to give support? Become a happy provider.

Giving and receiving emotional support is the next frontier in wellness, and prioritizing it is the start of a vital cultural shift that America needs. If you are a compassionate listener and want to help people feel empowered and hear, and earn money for your skills, please reach out!