Welcome to happy. 

a compassionate community built just for you.

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Receive support and encouragement from the most compassionate people in the country.

Download our app, and get connected with a trained compassionate listener.

Available 24/7.

You talk, we listen, no judgement.

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Happy is safe and built just for you.

  • Calls are completely anonymous

  • All providers are vetted by Happy and must pass background checks

  • Smart matching algorithms help create communities of support just for you

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Happy is easy and effective.

  • On average, callers indicate a 45% improvement in their mood and a 49% reduction in their anxiety

  • The average call rating is 4.75 out of 5 stars

  • We ensure quality by collecting caller ratings and conducting ongoing quality assurance measures, including trainings and personalized feedback

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“I felt at peace. I was validated not judged. Having a sounding board that is always available is a breath of fresh air. [Happy is] a contemporary way to meet my emotional needs.”

“I was skeptical at first… but it was a relief to talk through things going on in my life. After the call, my level of stress and anxiety about certain things had gone down tremendously. I’ll definitely call again”


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